Top Questions From Home Sellers In Atlanta (And The Answers)

Unless you are a professional real estate agent or have one in the family, then you are probably like most agents who are selling homes in Atlanta who have more questions than answers when it comes to selling. If you start asking friends and co-workers, many of them will be glad to give you opinions about your questions, but how do you figure out the difference between the opinions and the real answers?

Top 5 Questions People Have When Selling A Home in Atlanta

As professional home buyers, we work with sellers every day all week. Here, we will discuss the answers to the top questions we hear on an everyday basis. If we do not address your question, please feel free to reach out to us here and ask what you are having questions about. We will give you our best answer based on the industry’s best practices.

1. What time of year is the best for selling a home?

Although you can sell your house at any time of the year, there is no doubt that some months (and certain days) will sell more quickly, smoothly, and profitably. The best time of year to buy a property is often in the spring and summer. Fall and winter are usually seeing a decline in sales.

According to an article by Bank Rate, the best month to sell your home is in the late spring if you want to maximize your profit. The average price of a home that is sold in late spring is around 13.4%. Statistics also indicate that the day you advertise your house matters. In an article that Redfin has written, they claim that homes advertised on Thursdays sell quickly and for more money than homes that are listed on other days of the week.  

However, because the real estate market is very specific, the best timing to sell relies on your local market and your personal circumstances as a homeowner. These are things you should consider:

  • Is real estate popular in my neighborhood? Is my neighborhood a buyer’s or a seller’s market? If you put a house on the market in a seller’s market, will I make the most money? Will I spend the least amount of time doing so?
  • How much of my mortgage have I paid off? The more debt you have paid off, the more money you will make.
  • Am I financially secure? Buying a new home and selling a property incur costs. Make sure you have the money to pay the expenses that come with selling your home.
  • What does the local market look like? Before considering selling your house, think about evaluating the regional market trends, much like the quantity of active listings or the average sale price.

2. How Long Will It Take For My House To Sell?

The amount of time for your property to sell depends on where you are and how the local market is doing in your community. Your home’s condition, listing price, marketing, and staging skills will all affect the sale of your house.

Statistics from the National Association of Realtors shows that the typical home spends sixty two days on the market. State-by-state variations are much different. For example, a typical home in Vermont spends 186 days on the market. A typical home in Washington only spends 37 days on the market. It is crucial to understand how quickly your house might sell in your particular market. According to Movoto, a house will stay on the market in Atlanta for an average of 70 days.

Do you want to go through the inconvenience of marketing your home? Discover how we make the house-selling process simple.

3. What Is The Value Of My Home Or How Much Can I Sell My House For?

Your home’s condition and the level of demand for properties are the two key determinants of your home’s value. You have the best chance at looking at similar sales to get an idea of how your house would sell on the open market. Make sure the size and condition of the home are similar to yours.

This is what a real estate agent would use to calculate the right price for your home. They are also companies known as “comps.” A cash buyer like We Buy The Southeast, can purchase your home without you having to advertise it, and will also be able to make you an offer.

4. What Is It Going To Cost Me In Fees, Commissions, And Closing Costs To Sell My Home?

Selling a house involves a lot of expenses. Luckily, the majority of homes do not demand a direct out-of-pocket expense. Many expenses come from the closing revenues of your transactions.

Typically, fees amount to roughly 10% of the price of your home. These include fees such as:

  • Your real estates paid commission (5 to 6%)
  • Preparing and staging your home  (1%).
  • Concessions from the seller (1–2%)
  • The repair expenses (which vary)
  • Homeownership and overlap costs (1%).
  • All of the closing expenses (1–3%)

By avoiding a real estate agent, selling your property to a professional home buyer like We Buy The Southeast or selling your home as-is, you can reduce some of these fees (such as repairs or staging). But you must remember that homes that need several repairs will usually take longer to sell and will sell for less cash. Learn the pros and cons of selling direct here.

5. Should I Fix My Home Up Before I List It In Atlanta?

A “move-in ready” house is a home that doesn’t need a lot of preparation before a buyer can move in. A move-in-ready home is a need, according to 76% of younger purchasers, who are more likely to purchase.

With this in mind, you might want to think about making some repairs before listing your house. Making a few small improvements can help you increase the marketability of your house (and more can make it more valuable). You have two choices when it comes to larger problems, such as a leaky roof or an air conditioner. You can either do the repairs yourself or reduce your price. If buyers are aware that pricey projects are in the works, they are less likely to pay top cash.

Consider a seller’s inspection if you want to have the repairs done sooner. An inspector can assess your house for any flaws and problems for a few hundred dollars. When you do so, you can use their report to direct the pre-listing maintenance work you do. When you do this, you can increase your home’s marketability and avoid any possible future delays with time-consuming inspections. Remember that your state can make you disclose certain problems that the inspection might uncover.

If you find that the repairs and upgrades that are necessary for your property are too expensive or time consuming for your circumstances, professional home buyers like We Buy The Southeast can offer you cash for your property in Atlanta as-is. All you have to do is accept the offer and walk away from the closing table with your cash. No inspections, repairs,  and no hassle.

More Questions and More Answers From We Buy The Southeast (And A Cash Offer For Your Property)

There are many other questions home sellers in Atlanta have such as do I need a realtor, how to find the best realtor, what about an auction sale. Our company would be happy to discuss these questions with you and give you honest professional answers based on our experience.

If you feel that a cash offer may be right for you and your Atlanta property, we would be glad to make you a cash offer that has no-pressure. Remember that there are never any fees or obligations when you work with We Buy The Southeast.

You can learn more about how we operate at We Buy The Southeast by clicking here.  If you feel that we can be of help and would like a no-pressure or obligation offer within 24 to 48 hours, give us a call today at 866-987-0072.

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