Two Steps Needed For A Wise Georgia Home Sale

A mentor once told me that to make a wise decision you needed two basic things, knowledge and understanding.  You need to have a knowledge of the facts, then understanding them. Once you do that, then you can apply them to your situation and those steps will guide you to the right decision. You certainly have to make decisions in life, right? Maybe not about selling your house, but maybe about buying an appliance, or selling a vehicle, or taking a new job. 

Wise Selling Decisions Require Knowledge and Understanding

Before you can make a decision on how and when to sell your house, you need to seek knowledge. Then understand how that factual knowledge applies to you personally.

5 Facts You Need To Know When Selling A Home In Georgia

 1. Facts About The Current Housing Market

You can talk to real estate professionals, or use online sites like or Zillow. You can also ask your friends or others who have sold or know people who have sold recently. Another option is to call us at We Buy The Southeast. We know the market that you are looking at and will give you honest facts.

2. Facts About The Condition Of Your Property

If your house is older and has seen better days, you will definitely want to pay for a home inspection or ask around for a friend who knows construction to get their opinion. If you are not sure about how much work your home needs, yet you feel like you should pay because you can make money on the sale, then we certainly recommend paying for an inspection. This is an important fact in the process of selling your home. 

3. Facts About The Timing Of Selling Your Home

What if winter is coming? You have to think about the extra utility costs if the house sits? Can you afford and handle the stress of having a long selling process? Do you have time to prepare for showings and then  handle offers with a realtor’s help or do you need a quicker option?

4. Facts About The Extra Costs Incurred In Selling The House

In addition to the repair and/or the remodeling costs, what are the local realtor fees? What are the closing costs and other seller fees you will collide with? You can gather most of this information from sites like this one on real estate closing costs in Georgia.

5. Facts About About The Cash Offer You Could Get For Your Home For As-is

Do you know what kind of price would be offered for your house if you sold it as-is with a quick close and no closing cost or realtor fees? You can get the facts on what your house here in GA is worth from We Buy The Southeast. There will not be any pressure from us and you will have all the facts to help you make a wise decision and the one that best fits you. Contact us today.

As you gather more knowledge, there may be other facts that you’ll realize you didn’t have. Take the time to gather the facts.  You will be glad you did.

How Do I Apply Facts And Make a Wise Decision About Selling My Home In GA?

4 Ways to Apply the Facts About Selling Your Property

Now that you are armed with hard facts, you can begin to apply them to your own specific situation and understand those facts even better than ever. This will lead to a smart and seemingly obvious decision about how to sell your home quickly in Atlanta. Here are some examples of how to get a better understanding.

1. From what you have learned about the housing market in GA, where does a house in your neighborhood and in your home’s condition fit in? 

For what price can you reasonably expect to sell your house? It’s wise to not be unrealistic in this estimate. You also need to remember that the house may have sentimental value to you that makes your home seem more valuable than it really may be. Stay with the facts you have found when getting an understanding in this area.

2. Can you afford the repairs that have been suggested by inspectors? 

What if you cannot afford the repairs? Are you sure about the sale of your house enough to take out a loan? Are there any other options to sell at a reasonable price without making repairs to your home?  If you decide to call us at We Buy the southeast, we can talk about selling your older home in GA as-is.

3. Does Your Life’s Priorities and Schedules Fit With The Facts You Have Found About Timing?

As you gather facts about timing, look at your life schedule and priorities. Do you need to sell quickly without the hassles of listing, showings, and negotiations? Do you feel like it would be worth it financially to wait and go through a longer process than contacting an ‘as-is’ home buyer company like us?

4. Apply The Facts About Potential Extra Costs To Your Budget and Financial Future

How does your understanding of the facts of added costs and fees fit with your financial goals for your home? Based on the facts you have gathered, do you believe you can come out ahead by doing the repairs, updates, paying the realtor fees, and closing costs? Or does it make more sense to skip the fees and sell as-is for cash to We Buy The Southeast?

Do Your Homework And You Can Make a Wise Decision About Selling Your Property in GA

In our experience, once you get some of these basic facts, talk with others, and consider the facts of your personal circumstances, you will have the understanding you need to make a wise choice. Getting knowledge and understanding can reduce the stress of making big life decisions. It can help your choice become more clear and almost obvious. We wish you the best of luck in your adventure. Please contact us for more help and information.

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