Comparing Your Options When Selling Your House In Atlanta, GA

Hybrid agents and investors have come together to provide you with the best of all worlds. Selling a house in Atlanta, GA with a hybrid agent investor is an option many people don’t know about. In most ways, selling your house with a hybrid agent working as an experienced investor will net you a higher return. Keep reading to discover some of the reasons why you should look at your choices between listing with a regular realtor or going to a hybrid agent/investor.

Save Valuable Time

Working with a hybrid agent to sell your house in Atlanta, GA may be a better option if time is an issue. When homes are new, the market will almost always bring a higher demand for the property. On the other hand, if you sell your house in Atlanta, GA directly to an investor. Companies with experienced hybrid agents and investors such as those at We Buy the Southeast, will likely allow you to close in a couple of days or in a few weeks. This opportunity will save you time and save you the risks that come with hanging onto the property before it sells.

Skip Costly Repairs

Working with a regular real estate agent makes sense if you aren’t worried about what an investigator could find out while selling your house in Atlanta, GA. Homes that have been staged to have an appeal to buyers do extraordinarily well. They attract shoppers who are browsing. Buyers can quickly do an online search for a house and within minutes they can take a virtual tour of your home.

If repairs are being neglected, a traditional listing can become very expensive. Waiting to finish the renovations for your home will cause a stop in the closing process. This will also cost you a lot more money as the home sits on the market. When selling your house in Atlanta, GA, you would be better off selling directly to experienced investors. We Buy The Southeast, a knowledgeable home buying company, will purchase the house as-is.

Pay Zero Commissions to a Realtor

When you work with an everyday agent to sell your house in Atlanta, GA. They can waste a significant amount of your time, money, and effort getting a buyer to the door of your home. Many buyers are wanting to hire a licensed real estate agent because they believe that real estate transactions require a lot of complex paperwork, showings, agreements, and other additional aspects of marketing and selling a property.

In reality, real estate can be fulfilled in a simple one-page purchase and sell agreement. Often sellers are shocked to hear that most of what regular realtors “require” is not actually required to sell your house. Anyone over 18 years old and who is a legal resident can become a real estate agent once they pass an exam, which only is 75 hours in Atlanta. This is less than working two full weeks of a full-time job! Once licensed, agents will take 6% of the home equity when you sell.

On the other hand, hybrid agents will not waste time advertising your home or looking for customers. Instead they will purchase your home directly from you. This will save you a great amount of money since you do not have to pay the 6% realtor fee. Any other thoughts are discussed in depth with you and there are no secret payments or closing costs that you will have to worry about. You walk away from the closing with the amount agreed upon.

Run The Numbers

We make it easy for you to make an educated choice. Because of our mix of experienced hybrid agent investors, We Buy The Southeast will provide you with many opportunities while selling your house in Atlanta, GA. We Buy The Southeast provides you with the knowledge and figures for each home sales process. We help you to assess the variables that come with each choice to make the right option for you.

One Stop Shop

With the comfort of our hybrid agents and investors all bundled into one at We Buy The Southeast, you just need to make one stop. We Buy The Southeast will take the time to listen if you have any concerns and offer which solution is better for your case. We are here to answer any questions you have about selling your house fast or just real estate in general. Join the hundreds of people in Central GA who have already saved thousands of dollars by exploring options when it comes to selling your home. Call We Buy The Southeast at 866-987-0072 today to hear more about how our agents and investors can help solve your problems.

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