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Selling Your House Without a Georgia Real Estate Agent

Important Aspects to Consider When Avoiding a Real Estate Agent

There are many things to consider when selling your home.  From asking price and staging, all the way to closing, you will have to make tough decisions. Make sure to do your research, those decisions have impactful outcomes. One of the many decisions you will make is how to engage in the selling process itself. Obviously, you want to maximize your profit and minimize your costs. One of larger costs in selling a house are the realtor fees. You can avoid a real estate agent and the fees, but this decision should only be made after getting all the necessary details to make an informed decision.

Do not make the decision to sell without the help of a realtor lightly. If you decide to DIY and sell by owner, you need to know there are a lot of legalities involved. There is also a lot of paperwork and other decisions that require expertise. At the very least, you will need to spend a lot of time researching reputable real estate websites to educate yourself.  We also recommend consulting a real estate lawyer in the process. With all of that in mind, we have put together some essential information you will need to consider if you are selling your property without a Georgia real estate agent.  

Inspections and Repairs Are Always Part of the Home Selling Process in Georgia

The selling process will almost certainly involve an inspection of the property by professional inspectors.  Especially if your buyer intends to pay for the property with a loan. Most states such as Georgia has local requirements as well. Fixing the property up and making the needed repairs found by the inspection can become extremely expensive and a massive undertaking.  However, if you list the house for sale in an “as-is” condition, the offer you get will be very low if you get any at all. In this situation, another great option is to sell to direct home buyers like We Buy The Southeast. By doing so, you can avoid inspections, repairs, and realtor fees completely. We don’t need a fancy inspection report to buy your property, and we will we never nickel & dime you if you do decide to get one. We may ask to walk through the property and look at some of the fundamentals, but a paid inspection is not necessary.

Selling A House In Georgia Usually Involves Some Home Staging

Even though you may be able to avoid a Georgia real estate agent and sell your property yourself, you will still need to put in the effort and make sure your property looks great to potential buyers. This often includes hiring a professional home stager or home staging company. There is a lot of evidence showing a well-staged house helps sell your home faster, here are some tips from our friends at Rocket Homes. Staging, however, does come with a cost ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands for more comprehensive and in-depth services. Often buyers will want to see a peculiar style when viewing your house, one that may not match your current setup. Companies like Georgia Home Staging have a variety of options available to home sellers.

However, by selling quickly to a professional home buyer like We Buy The Southeast in Georgia allows you to skip this process entirely. Save thousands by simply selling your house “as-is”, we will even clean out your junk!

Marketing Your Property Without An Agent

It’s true that you can avoid a real estate agent and their fees, but you will need a plan for marketing your home well. You not only need a way to get it in front of potential buyers from all around the country, but you will want to have amazing photos, and potentially a 360-degree tour option of the home. The pros also have various ways of keeping available properties in front of potential buyers through social media and email campaigns. While there are ways you can do this yourself, it can be quite difficult.  Not only does it require knowledge & money, but also time to update your listing and learning how to use the platforms. You can save yourself this effort by selling directly to We Buy The Southeast. With one call, we will schedule a time to come look at the property with you and then make you a fair, no-pressure offer.

Setting Your Optimal Home Selling Price in Georgia Can Be Tricky Without A Real Estate Agent

You will need to set an asking price for your property, there is no way around this. This will require some level of expertise and knowledge of your local housing market, what type of loans local lending institutions such as the Georgia’s Own Credit Union will be willing to give for your property, and much more.  These are not easy decisions to make and will require extensive research to get correct.

The other option is to contact us at We Buy The Southeast. We will do the research for you and give you a fair offer. We will even compare it with what you could expect to profit if you did decide to go through the hassle of inspections, repairs, marketing, etc.  You can then make the choice. What do you have to lose?

How Will You Know Who Can Afford Your Property?

You will want to figure out some way of only dealing with buyers who have the means to purchase your home, or at least are prequalified for a loan equal to or greater than your asking price. You do not want to waste time on the phone and in showings to people who, even if they wanted to, cannot afford to buy your property. To sell a house without a Georgia real estate agent, you will need a way to differentiate qualified from unqualified buyers before you spend too much time and energy on the wrong party. Nothing is worse than receiving offers only to find out your buyers did not qualify for the asking price of the property.

Not Selling Your Home Quickly Can Mean Big Trouble

Even the most experienced Georgia real estate agents have difficulty selling some properties in a timely manner. By doing it yourself, this could easily happen to you as well. This is especially true if your home is older, in need of remodeling, or in an older neighborhood. Not every property is buyer-friendly or what today’s buyers are looking to purchase. Selling directly to We Buy The Southeast can move your property quickly and get cash in your hand at closing often within a matter of only a week or two. Even if you need a little extra time, we can arrange a closing that works for you.

How We Buy The Southeast Works With Georgia Home Owners

We Buy The Southeast can help you sell your house without paying huge real estate agent fees, without making costly repairs and remodeling. The process is quick, fair, easy and on a timetable that matches yours.  We are honest, professional, and reliable. At We Buy The Southeast, we never pressure you and we have a good reputation. You can see our reviews on Google.

Yes, you can avoid selling your home in Georgia without realtor fees and without the headaches of doing it on your own.  Give us a call and let us talk with you about the options. Contact us today.

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